multibasking (mŭl’tē-bās’kĭng)

I came up with the term “multibasking” a few years ago. It came to me when someone I worked with seemed to take credit for every project going, whether or not they had worked on it or had any meaningful input. I quite liked the idea that calling someone a multibasker in a corporate setting would be a damning insult.

At the time I googled it, and there were no results. I then told various groups about it, to see if it would get “out there”.

Two years on, and googling it gives you 293 results – still not a huge number, but the word has landed. Sadly, it’s not along the lines of my definition – it’s been used to mean “doing several pleasurable things at once”, which is predictable and dull.

Anyway, I’ve submitted my definition to Urban Dictionary, so we’ll see what happens.

They accepted it! We’re off. Now wait till you hear it at work.