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Current role
I am a freelance editor, journalist and web developer. My current work includes the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, as well as editing for other financial titles. Please see more of my web development work here.

I was previously at the Financial Times in a variety of roles for 12 years. You can read more on my FT background here.

If you’d like to hire me for a project (web development, editorial, something data-driven), or just want advice, please get in touch.

I’m the author of  book about sport and statistics – Sports Geek: A Visual Tour of Myths, Debates, and Data – published by Bloomsbury in 2016. The idea is not too dissimilar to some of the pieces you might read on this blog (not the newsletter posts). You can read all about it.

I also contributed a chapter to the excellent book Data Journalism, Past Present and Future – which was published in October 2017. My chapter was a review of sports data journalism.


This site
On this blog I write about stuff I’m interested in. Not what I think you are interested in – that would make this a business, and I would then charge either advertisers to sell to you, or you to read it, or both. What I am interested in might not interest you, but that’s ok. If it does, great. That’s a blog.

I post non-newsletter stuff a bit sporadically, I know. That’s partly due to having other commitments, partly due to having four children. The regular thing is my weekly sports writing email – do sign up. (Background: I compile the newsletter by saving things into Pocket and then curating the list every Tuesday. The plug-in WP Stacker is invaluable for getting the Pocket links in to WordPress.)