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I hate to be negative, given that I am a huge tennis fan, but there are certain aspects of Wimbledon that really annoy me. In no particular order, they are:<br /><br />- people who think its the only tournament in the world. Thank christ Tim Henman got to this year’s French Open semis. Some Brits realised that there are 3 other grandslam tournaments. Sure, it’s important, but frankly, the US open is probably harder to win.<br /><br />- On the subject of Henman, the perception he is a choker. He should have won a slam by now, but even if he retires tomorrow he has had a good career. Who else has Britain produced in the last 30 years? Jeremy Bates? Case closed.<br /><br />- The timing. The French Open is barely over and the next slam starts up. If tennis wants to stay interesting, you need a contrast of styles. Cramming the grass season into what is basically 4 weeks means the tour is dominated by baseliners who flourish on clay. Move the French back a week, Wimbledon forward a week or 2, make Queens a masters event (second tier to the slams) and then people like Moya, Kuerten and so on will have to play on the grass. Actually, Moya is playing this year, and you can hardly blame Kuerten for winning the French 3 times and then not giving much of a show on the grass. But anyway. <br /><br />- People in those ridiculous Union Jack hats. They should be banned. They cheer at all the wrong points. <br /><br />- Anyone who leaves their phone on without setting it to silent. Any fool who can use a mobile can switch the ringer off. If you need to be in contact, put it to silent or stay in the office.