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another tournament, for Roger F. He does commit himself to playing the Swiss Open after Wimbledon, and good for him. Home country, and all that. He got to the final last year, too. Lets hope he wins this time. And he switches straight back to clay with no apparent problem. Genius.<br /><br />Frankly, I am amazed he has the energy. Most players take a good 2-3 weeks off after winning a slam.<br /><br />On another note, whoever decided to hold events in the same week in Bastad and Gstaad was having a laugh.<br /><br />What on earth have the ATP graphics department done to poor old Roger? Take a look at: <a href=></a> Remind anyone of Sampras at the US Open in 1996, the Corretja match 5th set tie-break? (Clue – he was sick just before saving match point)<br /><br />Apparently the women are all off to play in China in the inaugral event later in the year. I wonder how much cash they are getting thrown? To be fair, China could be a tennis powerhouse in 10 years time. Just think Russia and add a bit.