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It’s a shame when a talented player like Marcelo Rios has to retire at only 28. Although not universally liked by the fans, he was certainly outspoken and very lively (by lively I mean partying hard and attacking policemen. Allegedly).<br /><br />You can check out his career profile here:<br /><a href=></a><br /><br />A pretty impressive career it is too. The highlight is 1998 – #1 in the world, 7 titles plus the Australian final to boot. He also won 5 masters series titles, which is pretty good going – only Agassi (16), Sampras (11), Muster (8), and Chang (7) have won more (there are a few others on 5 as well).<br /><br />In that Aus Open final, I was rooting for Korda. Now I wish Rios had won: Korda’s legacy to the sport was a drugs story and those stupid scissor-kicks that were horribly unfunny. Rios looked like a bad boy and often behaved like one, on and off court. But I wish he was still playing – he gave the sport a bit of an edge.<br /><br /><a href=></a> – good bbc piece on Rios.