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No major results from yesterday at Wimbledon due to rain disruptions, but a quick word about Andy Roddick.<br /><br />Aside from his 1st round match against Jimmy Wang, he has been on Court 2 and then exclusively on Court 1. His semi against Ancic was also moved there to speed things along. If he gets to the final, it will be only his second match on centre.<br /><br />Now, this is not unusual – David Nalbandian got to the final in 2002 without once seeing the centre court grass, but for a player like Roddick – #2 in the world, US Open champ, a massive draw worldwide – it’s a bit strange. It’s not like he hasn’t got a grass court game, either. He was at the semis last year, and has won Queens twice. Every player who has won Queens twice or more has taken Wimbledon at some stage (with the exception of Lendl).<br /><br />But do you hear him complain? Not once. True, Court One is a lovely arena, with only 2,381 seats less than Centre, but it’s not the same. Plus, he has often been on Court One while Henman has been on Centre, therefore having to endure the screams and shouts of the crowd on Henman Hill just outside in front of the big screen. <br /><br />Roddick should get to the final – and if he does, he will deserve the biggest stage of all.