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After a week in the mountains many miles from anywhere, it is interesting to get back to city life and some sports news. Actually, I could occasionally keep up with tennis scores via Orange’s WAP site, although there was virtually no commentary to speak of. You would think they might just syndicate a newswire or something. And their textback update service was just appalling – the ‘latest’ story was Rusedski winning Newport. <br /><br />As well as Federer’s continued dominance of Roddick, and the run he is on (3 tournament wins in a row on different surfaces – first since Borg; best run of 24 wins since Sampras on 25 in 1999), Lindsay Davenport is having an equally impressive US summer. If she is retiring soon, she couldn’t go out in much more style. Definitely a big tip for the US Open. <br /><br />Speaking of which, a Fed/Rod final in NY would be fantastic. And I reckon Roddick would be pumped for revenge with one heck of a crowd behind him.