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For tennis at the Olympics to gain in stature, a few big names were needed to get to the final stages. Sadly, that won’t happen. The quarters line-up for the men was pretty depleted. Moya was the only player left with grandslam pedigree, and he’s just gone out. Fernando Gonzales vs Taylor Dent? Hardly has the same cachet as Thorpe vs Phelps, does it?<br /><br />On the womens side, it’s not much better. A Mauresmo / Henin-Hardenne final would be welcome, but any other matchup will lack gravitas.<br /><br />It’s not the organisers fault. The stadium looks fine, but no-one has turned up. The Olympics is too close to the US Open, so several names have pulled out. The injuries on the womens list can’t be helped. Big names lose early. I hate to say it, but the whole thing sucks.<br /><br />Overall, the long-term future for tennis at the games needs a big blockbuser of an event. If this is all we are going to get they might as well forget it. Which most people probably would rather anyway.<br /><br />Does tennis need the Olympics? Does the Olympics need tennis? Answer to both: not really. Can we all go home now please?