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Kelly Holmes will be the UK face of the games, and rightly so. She ran 2 perfect finals, but also had the focus to qualify for the 1500 when she could have been celebrating the 800. Wonderful effort. <br /><br />Somebody please take that Irish priest’s passport away. Having run amok at Silvertsone, he ruined the marathon for that Brazilian runner. Shocking. He should be locked up (again). However, any criticism of the organisers about security is nonsense. How can you secure a 26 mile course on both sides? You have to accept that this might happen again, and with more serious consequences.<br /><br />The 4×100 relay was superb entertainment, and worth staying in for. All of the US team had run under 10 seconds for the 100m this year. But mess up the baton change, and it counts for nothing (or in this case, silver).