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Well, Henman and Rusedski will languish for another year in the level below the world group of tennis. For all their talent, both in in singles and as a doubles team, they have never won a match in the top tier of the Davis Cup. Frankly, this is an anomaly. Teams with far less talent have got to the final and even won it.<br /><br />Why? There is the sporting fluke at work here. More of an anti-fluke, in effect. They have always come up against the schedule of 3 matches in 3, or an inspired performance, or a hostile crowd/surface. But there is also the nearly-men aspect. Both Greg and Tim are, without wanting to be cruel, occasionally chokers. I hate to say it. But look at the results, both in their careers and the Davis Cup. The recurrent theme is “close, but no cigar”. Don’t say the name Lapentti anywhere near Rusedski. Or Canas to Henman. <br /><br />The problem is, who else and when? Andrew Murray may have won the junior US Open, which bodes well, and talks with confidence about his future, which bodes even better, but he is a long way off the top 100. Alex Bogdanovic just looks lost. Arvind Parmar has had a couple of Davis Cup shockers and is not a man to bet the farm on. Tim and Greg are both in their 30s. Britain can expect to bounce around the Euro-Africa Zone for a few more years yet.