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Nick Bollettieri said some nice things about Tim Henman:<br /><a href= target=_new></a>. And he tipped “tiger” to get to the semis at Flushing, which given his draw is a no-brainer, but given his history is a long shot.<br /><br />If Clive Woodward ends up at Southampton FC, what the hell happens to the Lions tour? It doesn’t bode well. <br /><br />Recently I have been very irritated by food chains. Why do they have such terrible slogans? “Eat: the real food company”. As opposed to fake food, or fake company? “I’m lovin’ it”. Loving what? The extremely high calorific value of a pisspoor salad? And “Got the urge?” sounds like an invitation to go to the toilet. Benjys “less bread” is far too clever-clever. I know it’s a eupahmism for cheap, but first thing in the morning I just assume they have reduced the bread-content of their sandwiches, which is nothing to boast about.