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It’s tough when couples split up. And it must terrible when it is reported in the papers. But even worse is when all the headlines are horrifically bad puns. So, no more Lleyton and Kim. I don’t want to speculate on their relationship, but the headlines… Jesus. Here we go:<br /><br />End of love all as Clijsters and Hewitt reach break point.<br />(the Guardian – 2 puns in there, well done subs)<br /><br />Break point for Clijsters and Hewitt<br />(The Scotsman)<br /><br />Singles again for Lleyton and Kim<br />(<br /><br />Doubles team of Clijsters-Hewitt now just singles after breakup<br />(Kansas City Star, clearly not as punchy as News Int)<br /><br />Hewitt and Clijsters call game over on romance<br />(Sydney Morning Herald)<br /><br />Courtship off for Hewitt, Clijsters<br />(The Statesman)<br /><br />Love match between Clijsters and Hewitt hits rocks<br />(The indy)<br /><br />Ace Lleyt and Kim split<br />(The Sun, typical that they have to call him “Lleyt”. Is there no name they won’t shorten?)<br /><br />Lleyton loses his No.1<br />(Brisbane Courier Mail – a bit more poignant, that one)<br /><br />… and a whole bunch of variants using Love match, game and break to get the tennis references in. Just go to <a href=””>Google</a> to see the list.<br /><br />However, the weirdest has to be<br /><br />It’s splitsville for Clijsters and Hewitt<br />(Houston Chronicle) <br /><br />”Splitsville”?