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I hate to get too serious, but drugs in sport is one of those issues you can’t ignore, and can’t really joke about.<br />
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The <a href=””>Greek authorities have cleared Kenteris and Thanou</a> of doping offences, but their coach given a four year ban. Now, I might be naive, but aren’t there are few unanswered questions here? Such as:…<br />
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– Who the hell are they kidding? These two sprinters have dodged tests before. One test missed and I (although not most authoritires) might think it’s an honest mistake. But several skipped tests? That’s two people on the run.<br />
– Can someone explain the supposed motorbike incident? What actually took place? Why were the sprinters in hostpital for four days and then walked out with barely a scratch? <br />
– If <a href=””>WADA are going to appeal against the the decision</a>, doesn’t that imply that the Greek authorities are guilty of a whitewash? In which case, shouldn’t they also be investigated and possibly fined / kicked out of athletics?<br />
– Why are WADA taking the issue up and not the IAAF? Everyone knows this is a joke decision. If the IAAF have any credibility they will appeal. But they shouldn’t need WADA to show them the way. <br />
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A sport in decline due to a dilemma of it’s own making. Catch all the dirty athletes and you have almost no-one left – and the resulting audience share (nill). Let all the cheats swing by for old-time’s sake, and everyone thinks your sport is dirty – which it is.