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I’m very close to being depressed. Here are 6 reasons:<br />
<br />
– England’s cricket team lost to Pakistan in a match they dominated. Exciting cricket, good for the game, but not for the England team. This matters because losing matches and series becomes a habit, one that England don’t need to pick up before the Ashes next year.<br />
– Meanwhile, Australia are getting a nice confidence boost by slapping a weak West Indies team.<br />
– In rugby, I am worried that England will be hammered by New Zealand tomorrow. <br />
– The tennis masters has been a disaster. Everyone is injured. It looks like a third tier event.<br />
– I am hungover.<br />
– The phrase “go-forward” has become a noun in rugby. Sample from <a href=””>Zinzan Brooke’s column</a> on the BBC:<br />
<br />
England will need Tindall at his best on Saturday. He won’t need to be flash, but if they want to get any <b>go-forward</b>, he will need to be the man.<br />
<br />
This has been around for a while now. Can we stop it please? It’s just awful. <br />
<br />
Here are <a href=””>some other offenders</a>: