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(c) The Guardain. Click for full size image.

David Beckham looks likely to pull off the strange feat of playing for LA Galaxy AND England. If so, his itinerary next season is pretty full, and involves a lot of flying. The guardian did a nice graphic to show this alongside a story that Alexi Lalas of LA Galaxy would “drive him to the airport”. Here it is.

50,302 miles. Sounds a lot, right? That’s some carbon footprint right there. But then another story caught my eye. Another sport, different situation, but the Ren sisters may well be the next big thing in tennis, if their potential is fulfilled. In this interesting piece in the Telegraph that compares them to the Williams sisters, it states that “the girls require 30,000 miles of chauffeuring each year just to get to training and tournaments”.

Beckham – 50,000 miles.
Two girls on the junior tennis circuit – 30,000 miles. And you can bet that it’s not first class travel plus entourage.