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We noticed before that Sepp Blatter didn’t actually use the word ‘resign’. So let’s not be surprised that – oh look – he might carry on after all.

Get real 1) Don’t call the Olympics out as a model for Fifa to follow. The IOC is happy to suck up to dictators. Hello Baku!
Get real 2) It might be a fun devils-advocate position to take, but Blatter hasn’t actually helped the poorer football nations at all.

Don’t call it the beautiful game. Try “the zero-sum game that deepens the poverty of the poor“.

The shocking world of US College sports and criminal cover ups.

Can sport ever be dope-free? Not if we can’t be bothered to pay for proper testing.

The European Games in Baku will be remembered more for a human rights crackdown than any sporting achievements.

Ah, the Copa America. Brazil are way too reliant on the brilliance of Neymar. Is this Messi’s moment for an international breakthrough? And can hosts Chile end a 99-year wait?

The women’s World Cup features some of the greatest ever to play the game.

Forget Wales beating Belgium, or England’s progress. Right now football is all about the rise of the *really* little countries. Could you pick out Guam on the map? The country is top of its World Cup qualifying group, having beaten India. Meanwhile, the Faroes have beaten Greece – twice! – in Euro qualifiers. They say there are no easy international matches…

Arsenal and Man U fans are right to moan about their bad luck with injuries.

How Italia 90 changed US soccer

How long can Tiger Woods go on like this? It’s getting painful to watch.

Is Colin Montgomery (51) really a contender at the US Open?

Don’t expect to compare the Masters with North Korea and get invited back.

Can Serena Williams win the grand slam this year? Yes. Will she? Maybe. But regardless, she might keep winning majors into her 40s. Anyway, Doris Hart (1925-2015) probably wasn’t a fan.

What if… Novak Djokovic never wins the French? How will history judge his career?

Is Eden Hazard really worth more than Ronaldo?

“Hello NBA? Yes, this is Nike. We want our logo on your shirts for eight years? $1bn? Done.”

The Forbes sporting rich list – behind the numbers.

Ten data-driven sporting victories – part one and part two.

Wired said it couldn’t possibly happen, according to science. Yet American Pharoah DID win the triple crown.

But there’s an ugly side to all this: the huge number of horses killed through racing.

Win or lose, England’s One-day team has been transformed. Phew.

The best all-rounder in the world isn’t Ben Stokes – it’s Shakib Al Hasan. He’s the one player India would love to have.

Cheat? Legend? The WG Grace enigma.

Nigel Benn: ‘Boxing is therapy for rage‘.

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