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You may have noticed that Wimbledon is ON. But there are some other great sporting stories out there too. Here’s this week’s Geek take:

Andy Murray – McEnroe’s pick to win – has a tough draw. Novak Djokovic has it easier. Will it make any difference? Here are some other predictions, and six players to watch.

Country file: what the hell has happened to Americans at SW19? Meanwhile, Australia have their biggest contingent for ages.

Don’t write off Roger. The Fed is a good winner because he’s also a good loser.

McEnroe, Navratilova, Ivanisevic – where have all the lefties gone?

What’s the difference between encouragement and coaching? Don’t ask Djokovic

Context: ranking the current generation against the all-time greats.

It wouldn’t be a week without a good Fifa story would it? Confirmation that Blatter can’t / won’t resign. Are the sponsors partly to blame? And just when you thought one Fifa movie was one too many, here come Damon and Affleck! Let’s hope it’s better than Gigli.

1) Get an ego. Bigger the better, really.

2) Do less. Better to be Serena than Tiger.

3) Know when to quit. Hello Nadal, and Woods (again).

Is there nothing Fifa can’t rig? The Women’s World Cup draw screwed France royally. England are happy enough, though. The US have done well despite accusations of slowness. The semi’s start here.

Who’s in charge? José Mourinho would never have sold Cech to Arsenal if it was up to him. It’s a great move by Arsenal, given the value of keepers. Cech’s not in this list, though.

All that World Cup swagger – what’s happened to James Rodríguez?

He wants to leave, and the fans hate him. Solution: make Raheem Sterling Liverpool’s captain. Yup, that’ll work.

Why are English players such bad travellers?

Fancy a round? Don’t go to China.

Jordan Spieth is the sport’s new hero. He might get the grand slam – statistical chance of 1%, apparently – but he can’t fix the Tiger hangover.

Chambers Bay: nobody’s happy about it. But the US Open will be back, like it or not. So let’s fix it.

The small matter of Tom Brady’s reputation is on the line.

Aside from drugs, how do we get to a sub-2 hour marathon?

Alberto Salazar fights back.

Nascar stops flying the confederate flag.

Formula One battles are all off the track at the moment. The US wants races; Qatar wants control; Sky wants subscriptions. And it’s GO GO GO.

Horses are still getting faster? Who knew? Apparently no-one except a couple of guys at University of Exeter.

RIP Kauto Star

Which channel? The BBC has lost the Olympics.

Feeling the pinch? Russia cuts its 2018 World Cup budget, while Tokyo’s 2020 main stadium is now going to cost £1.3bn.

Not to be put off by little things like human rights, Baku may bid for the Olympics. And a new book shines some light on the foolishness of all this, with the brilliant title Circus Maximus.

England’s Ashes boot camps sound like a lot of fun.

Crisis, what crisis? Losing to Bangladesh is not in India’s plan.

More Duckworth-Lewis: get rid, pronto.

Can’t he join Sepp Blatter on a remote island somewhere? Lance Armstrong is going to ride part of the Tour de France route for charity. File under awkward.

In a sport for tall people, there’s a new kind of big.

That’s it. Any comments etc, shout: See you next Tuesday.