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Sport Geek #26: Tyson Furore, 140+7, and stop the toss

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Glory fades. Just ask Tiger Woods, who is still week after week the subject of speculative articles about his future. Just look at Tyson Fury, who wins those heavyweight titles from Wladimir Klitschko and promptly gets (rightly) pilloried for his sexist and homophobic comments.

The sports person who seems most in tune with the fleeting nature of glory at the moment is Andy Murray. After a huge effort to win the Davis Cup, he put the boot into the LTA and British tennis. That’s good. Right time, right moment to get maximum impact for an important message about your sport. Forget personal glory. It doesn’t last, anyway.

And so to the pick of the week… (in alphabetical order this week)

Seb Coe: slippery.

Why ball tracking works for tennis and cricket but not football or basketball

Kobe Bryant‘s odd departure.

The losing streak is over. What next for the 76ers?

Your favorite sports team is massively overvalued right now.

The physics of coin tosses: we can do better.  Or, in cricket, perhaps just give the visiting team the choice.

AB de Villiers can score very very quickly. He can also score very very slowly. Who knew?

A great profile of Australia’s captain, Steven Smith.

Chris Froome goes down the blood data route. Eddy Merckx (triple drugs cheat, lest we forget) disapproves.

That’s more like it: Sepp Blatter in $100m bribery scandal.

The Qatar call, five years on.

The fastest and longest goalscoring streaks in world football.

Chelsea: out of ideas.

Reasons for and against this being the most unpredictable season.

I’m guessing the Valencia-Neville thing will be over in a year.

The Arsenal injury conundrum.

Tiger watch. Why he’s not finished yet. Although he sounds pretty low. And emotional.

Rory McIlroy is doing pretty well, thank you.

Neil Robertson does it at the right time. Tip: don’t miss the final black.

Tyson Fury Furore. Why no Joe Root?

The Davis Cup isn’t Andy Murray’s biggest trophy by any measure. But (as mentioned above) Murray is more worried about the future of British tennis.

Early 2016 tennis predictions. Plus Novak’s next challenge.

The tennis wife‘s story.

Nadal’s 2015 was great – just not by his standards.

Highly effective but ugly beats the beautiful game.

That’s it, see you next Tuesday

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  1. Just ask Tiger Woods, who is still week after week the subject of speculative articles about his future. Where is this information?

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