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It’s a busy time of year. Let’s crack on, shall we?

Mourinho’s gone. Here’s the inside story of how it all unfolded. It all started with Eden Hazard’s injury at Swansea. So who’s to blame? It’s not just Jose, surely. Have the club made an error by sacking him? And can Hiddink (if it is to be him) turn it around?

2015 should be Arsenal’s year to win the title. The other usual suspects won’t all be as weak in the future.  Here’s a look at how topsy-turvy the season has been so far. Much will depend on Ozil and Giroud.

This changed things forever: Bosman, 20 years on.

RIP Jimmy Hill.

Abby Wambach is one of the greatest female football players ever. She’s retiring. Have you heard of her? No, well, she wants you to forget her, anyway.

Heard of Football Leaks? Dutch side F.C. Twente certainly have.

2015 LOL.

Blatini banned. But they aren’t sorry. No siree. Not. At. All. But Tim Roth is, at least. 

Like Christmas, the timeless test 1939 lasted 12 days. (See what I did there?)

Was the West Indies era of dominance a fluke?

How £825m is now considered ‘cheap’.

Are the goalies too big, or is the goal too small?

How the sport is missing a rather large ($1bn) trick.

Yay Andy Murray.

There’s still a LOT to say about Serena vs American Pharoah. Really.

Thoughts on Federer’s 2016.

How did we end up with four versions of one stat?

Tiger at 40: Why he still matters.

Ultimate frisbee is way behind in terms of analytics. Who knew?

That’s it – no edition next week, see you in 2016.