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The tennis fixing debacle has turned from spreadsheet sleuthing to flawed methodologies. For those who have lost track: The BBC and BuzzFeed ran their investigation, but didn’t name names. Dry hump. So everyone worked them out anyway, and it all went sort-of-public. Except, Lleyton Hewitt was named, and let’s face it, he’s the last person on earth who would fix a match. Cue lots of yes-but analysis of strange betting patterns. The only way this is going to get resolved is when we follow the money. More evidence, please. But the right kind.

So to the must-read stories of the week.


The problem with betting data – 1 

The problem with betting data – 2 

The problem with betting data – 3 

Fixed doubles!

Forget the fixing crap: Lleyton Hewitt – a legend

I’m not buying this. Williams vs Sharapova is not a rivalry.

Further further proof, if needed, that Novak Djokovic’s 2015 season was the best ever in men’s game

Hello London?

Tom Brady couldn’t take the pressure

Super Bowl 50 shows how great the 2011 NFL draft was

Resistance to the NFL is futile

Who is Aritz Aduriz? You need to know.

Not one, not two, not three, not four. Five. Five players sent off in ‘friendly’

“I think it’s disgraceful that people can get hold of this sort of stuff. It shows complete disregard for both clubs and the player.” You’ve got to feel sorry for football agents, haven’t you? Time for an inquiry, because that’s the biggest problem in sport right now, bar NONE.

Even after José Mourinho’s exit, Chelsea’s numbers are not looking good

Andy Bull of the Guardian writes a beautiful tale of Ted Pooley and why there is no easy fix for cricket’s scandals

That’s it, see you next week