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Welcome. Let’s get on with it, shall we?


Why are there no English batsmen with over 10,000 Test runs (Cook’s impending milestone excepted)? Because England we’re shit in the 90s. (Me / FT).

Stuff you learn: chop. As in, why is Chris Gayle such a chop? (Guardian)


How it all went wrong for Louis van Gaal. (BBC). How one tackle by a bouffant Arsenal defender changed football forever (Vice). How Newcastle‘s theory of ‘winning’ totally screwed up (theallrounder). And how West Ham’s stadium defence is “bullshit” (Vice again).

Brilliant: measuring the cliche of tough places to go… (S Chicken) and talking of cliches, don’t abuse Michael Owen. (Vice)


Is this a good idea? Suing your fans? (WashPo)


The NFL in Vegas? How many contradictions can you find? Yet it might just work… (Chicago SunTimes)


What’s that? A shit shower? No, a man-made meteor shower. Bring on Tokyo 2020 (via Quartz). Meanwhile, Rio organisers are confident that there will be a LOT of sex. 450,000 condoms-worth, apparently (Quartz again).

Guess what? The viewers don’t really care about drug cheats. (NYTimes)


Just another day of death on the racetrack. (WashPo)


Why are baseball brawls celebrated but basketball’s are not? (Forbes)


Oh, Muirfield. How could you? (BBC)


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