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So much has been written about Fifa in the past week, it’s worth remembering that most of the allegations of corruption are old old news. Still…

Before we all forget, the Olympics is a pretty grubby thing too. Heroin ganglords, a history of scandals, and no-one wants to host the thing any more.

Nadal and Djokovic play tomorrow (depending on when you read this), but this could be the last great moment of their long and brilliant rivalry. If Nadal wins, and goes on to win the French Open for a 10th time, he will be defying the odds and age.

Meanwhile, the current crop of French players have missed their moment. And one point of debate: does tennis need TV replays?


The case for and against LeBron James as the NBA’s greatest.

As Alastair Cook reaches the top of the England Test runs table, a new coach is hired. But how much impact can Trevor Bayliss really have? Luckily, England have Ben Stokes – a dying breed. What has happened to the world-class all-rounder?

Happy reading, and see you next Tuesday.

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