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Something of a summer recap, this one, after a month’s break. Happy reading.

The US Open is getting to the crunch point, and although Andy Murray is out, Serena’s Grand Slam quest is still on. Here are three interesting contextual pieces: how stressful the idea of the slam can be; the shadow of Steffi Graf; and the legacy of the William’s sisters.

Meanwhile, Nadal went out without much of a fuss. What is missing isn’t so much his standard, as the fear. Has his aura completely gone?

A statistical dive into who should win the Rugby World Cup. No prizes for guessing the All blacks, but England for the final?

Even if you don’t care about American Football, this is a great read. Dez Bryant: The Survivor.

The lesson of Deflategate? The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a disaster. Also, don’t forget how he screwed up in the Ray Rice scandal too.

What the? How to truly understand Deflategate.

The 1984 Olympics was a complete one-off. Bringing it back won’t work.

The YouTube path to the top – how a Kenyan javelin thrower won gold.

A fantastic statistical picture of the fastest men in the world.

Kenyan running: altitude, commitment, drugs?

Worth watching: the Justin Gatlin debate. Why do we let people back in the sport if we aren’t going to give them a chance? (See villains, below)

It wasn’t his fastest race, but Usain Bolt delivered a miracle at the World Championships.

What has gone wrong with Netherlands?

In praise of Wayne Rooney.

Premier League myths: busted.

The English Premier League is destabilising Europe.

Profile: Wenger keeps on going.

How pickup games score in 1s and 2s makes a big difference to how people play.

Spieth, McIlroy, Day. The new big three.

Winning majors is tough.

The Tiger Woods mystery, part 387.

Does cricket need the Olympics? Does the Olympics need cricket?

Five reasons why England regained the urn. Or just one: home advantage?

Why villains are good for sport.

That’s it – spread the word, see you next Tuesday.