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No grand narrative this week – just straight into the most interesting stuff of the last week or so…

As the rugby World Cup final approaches, everyone’s still a bit hot under the collar over technology and replays. Here’s the Economist’s take on it all.

The haka – why let the All Blacks get the upper hand with a silly dance?

And here’s how NZ can win ugly as well as beautiful.

Virender Sehwag: the method behind the madness.

In praise of Lewis Hamilton. He drives very well, doesn’t he?

Aston Villa’s new manager will have just the one task: avoid the drop.

Wayne Rooney at 30: a great team player, but time to stop leading the attack?

Some agents (*cough* Aidy Ward *cough*) just don’t know when to quit.

Are Belgium really the best national football team in the world?

US in a state about fantasy sports gambling.

Bigger than just tennis – is Novak Djokovic the Most Dominant Male Athlete in the World (as if that were an official title)? And his lunch with the FT from a few weeks ago, in case you missed it.

Not heard of the IPTL? You should have.

The high-tech broom saga. Really.

Does “clutch” exist?

Seriously. Tiger still thinks he can catch Jack?

When you are the only Canadian MLB team, you get a lot of support.

The Mets sure can pitch fast.

Where have you been? The shirt-swap takes the NFL by storm.

The NFL needs more outspoken people like Terry Bradshaw.

And the farce continues. Here’s the essential Marina Hyde on Fifa’s “reform” candidate.

Ginola? Not you again.

Are the Germans as bad as the rest of them?

That’s it – see you next Tuesday, keep the suggestions coming.