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Often we are told that the margin between winning and losing in sport is incredibly thin.

Which makes the All Blacks’ World Cup victory all the more impressive. Four years ago they should have lost the final, but for some dubious refereeing decisions (see previous Sport Geek round ups). But this time around, the gap to the rest was vast. For other teams, the margins were narrow indeeed – had England kicked for goal against Wales, had Scotland not been robbed at the last moment, things would have been very different. But for New Zealand, it just never seemed in doubt.

So, to the week’s round up.

Just how great were New Zealand? Pretty ****ing great.

Richie McCaw – how do you replace him?

It’s pretty clear who is the women’s #1. But who is the second-best player in the world?

Tiger Woods’ former caddie sticks the boot in. “I felt uneasy about bending down to pick up his discarded club… It was like I was his slave.” Poor choice of words, I’d say.

A world where geopolitics is easier than golf? Welcome to the mind of Donald Trump.

A few left-field suggestions in here on the greatest sports rivalries.

England doesn’t get leg-spin.

Michael Vaughn on Joe Root – a fascinating close-up profile.

Olympics + cricket = headache.

Jose Mourinho. Tick, tick, tick.

Wayne Rooney: too much too young?

Hidden effects: how the NFL’s London forays are challenging US gambling rules.

Blatter has lunch with the FT. Just read it.

The candidates to run Fifa are hardly inspiring, are they?

Lewis Hamilton: awkward, brilliant.

That’s it – see you next Tuesday. Send suggestions and comments to, if you fancy.