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England used to fight wars with France. Now we look on aghast at the events in Paris.

Poignantly, the football match between England and France goes ahead tonight, and rightly so. Part of the point of sport is to channel our competitive instincts and our desire to fight. Yet being a civilised society, we can step back and support our sporting enemy, and in so doing a match that would resonate as a friendly proxy for war becomes a show of solidarity.

That’s the beauty of sport. It can change and reflect whatever as a society we want to see in it. You can’t do that with guns and bombs. The best response to terror is not to hide, but to show a better way. Football might not matter in the grand scheme of things, but as a stage for showing how the people of two rival countries can be friends, it’s never been more important.

And so to the stories of the week…

As the ATP finals kicks off, a reminder that Djokovic might be favourite, but #1 seeds don’t always thrive a the year-end bonanza.

Talking of Djokovic, here are three pieces on how he has separated himself from his rivals. The big 4 become the big 1; his quest to be the best; and evaluating his amazing season.

A reminder that dealing with winning can be as hard as dealing with losing – from Stan Wawrinka.

How golf can help NFL kickers.

Much as Just Fontaine’s career deserves respect, his comments that France should no longer host Euro 2016 should be ridiculed. (At 82, he has a good chance of not being around next year anyway, the spoilsport.)

David Moyes might have been a failure, but British football managers have thrived in Spain.

Inside Atlético Madrid: can the club go global?

David Beckham – he was good at the football thing.

Imagine a World Cup without Brazil. Seriously.

Fiddling in sport is not a new game. Plus, the stain of doping on athletics, charted.

All doping scandals share the same roots – lack of willpower. Can athletics learn from baseball and cycling? What should Wada be able to do?

David Warner is breaking records all over the place. And he’s heading for greatness.

If someone could do it all, what would they look like? A bit like AB de Villiers.

Anyone off to LA?

Amazingly, Peyton Manning is playing at highest level of his career

Fernando Alonso says he’s been on ‘on economy mode‘. For how many million a year?

The best of Michael Phelps may lie ahead.

How to really piss of Wales: Warren Gatland for England.

That’s it – see you next Tuesday.