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A later edition this week, but some cracking stories. With no further ado:

Leicester City really are top of the Premier League. How come?

Who is the world’s best player? The case for Neymar.

If Arsenal do end up in the Europa League, they should embrace it.

Louis van Gaal: delegater-in-chief?

The inside story on Fifa‘s battle to survive

Now, if Fifa had awarded a World Cup without any other bidders allowed to a place with strong links to a company that paid Blatter to be an ‘ambassador’, what would you say? Seb? Seb?

A great graphic of the IAAF doping scandal.

Just hit it as far as you can.

Tiger Woods, Ryder Cup vice captain? He must actually want the job. Surprised? So is Rory.

Michael Clarke will have fewer Christmas cards this year, that’s for sure. Meow.

ODI hundreds are getting quicker and quicker.

Mitchell Johnson: what might have been…

How the ATP finals in London were a perfect microcosm of the tennis year.

We’ve heard it before, but are American men on the up?

I never get tired of reading how this is a golden age of tennis.

Undefeated feats feature. Read.

Some more undefeated thoughts – the Patriots and the Panthers.

Eddie Jones – the right man for England or just someone different?

RIP. A beautiful memory of Jonah Lomu. And why he was unstoppable.

How has North Korea become a weightlifting superpower? Let’s take a wild guess…

That’s it – see you next Tuesday