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[This is a Brexit-free post]

There is something of an underdog theme this week. Marcus Willis, Iceland, Cleveland and (stretching it here) Dustin Johnson. Read on, read on…


Wimbledon has started, and before we get to next week and a few of the bigger match-ups, the best story is Marcus Willis, ranked 772 in the world. To put his week so far into perspective, according to the ATP he has won a total of $95,129 in his career since turning pro in 2007. If he loses to Federer today, he will walk away with £50,000.


Iceland had a plan, England didn’t. I think that’s the best we can say.  We can also add: why are we so surprised? The Economist neatly illustrates England’s persistent failure.

More importantly, and wider than just the Euros, the NYTimes asks if we are pushing footballers too far.


LeBron James delivered something close to a miracle. So now Cleveland has won the NBA finals, where does the city rank in sporting misery?

Further thought: time for a 4-point line?


If you were hoping that Rio might lift the sombre mood after recent news, think again. The Games is beset by corruption, pollution, and zika. Let the bad times roll.

Not to mention kicking Russia out.

Not to mention the whole dodgy economics of the Olympics.


Is the NFL really moving a team in London?

If you recall that OJ was once a sportsman, not a murderer-movie star, this is worth bearing in mind. You just need two seasons of greatness.


How NOT to run a major golf tournament, even if the winner (DJ) is worthy.


The Penguins won – as did the numbers.

That’s it. Let’s get through this.