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I’m writing this with a broken arm, so it’s taking twice as long. Hopefully it’s not half as good. Anyway.

Here are the things you should be reading about in the wonderful world of sport.


Colin Kaepernick’s quiet protest is starting something very big. One day he will be seen as a hero.

Meanwhile, here’s an insight into the insecure life of an NFL practice squad player.


When ninth still wins an Olympic medal, you know the drug problem in sport is bad.

Para quicker: how did four visually impaired runners beat the Olympic gold time in the 1500m final?

Why is Ukraine so good at the Paralympics?


What happened when a journalist became a tennis coach?

The new tennis stars are still veterans. Whatever happened to youth?

Why Serena Williams’s backhand is so different.


Are TUEs just legal doping? And who are the fancy bears anyway?


A timely reminder from Marina Hyde that the clown show that is Fifa / Uefa rolls inexorably forward. 

That’s it from the recovery room.