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Sometimes it’s a bit convoluted to stitch together a common-thread narrative about two very different sporting stories. Instead, two of the biggest stories this week highlight the extremes of sport. Compare and contrast: the Ryder Cup, and Tyson Fury.

The best thing about the Ryder Cup is how an individual sport becomes a team event – and not just a normal team event, but a continental battle. Sometimes the fans and players have overstepped the mark, but this edition was marked by great golf, sportsmanship and a result that, even for this European, keeps things interesting for the competition’s future.

Tyson Fury, on the other hand, is a lonely tale. A man who has found his calling in boxing but everything else that goes with it too much. He has many offensive views, but his mental state is even worse. Should we pity him or condemn him? He is a one-man news cycle at the moment, but perhaps the best thing to do would be to ignore him right now. Attention isn’t making things any better.


First, me. I was interviewed on Chris Evans’ breakfast show on Radio 2 this week (2 hr 21 in, or you can listen below.) Book is out on the 20th.


The disturbed world of Tyson Fury.


The right result. Yet in a way, it’s nothing to do with the result, but that first tee shot.

Plus: the Mickelson effect. And just to show not everyone has a good time, Danny Willett on the US fans


The odd origins of the primal, heart-stopping Viking war chant that is spreading from sport to sport.


The strange tale of an utlra-distance runner’s cheating, and what happened next.


If you ban a team’s best quarterback for four games (see deflategate), you hope they don’t keep on winning. Why the Patriots start to the season is a disaster.


Should the FA should wait for Wenger?

Aston Villa are going through managers at an alarming rate.

That’s it – see you next week.